Wednesday, 12 November 2008

No Murder! Suspend Police Chief

So there was no murder at Haut de la Garenne. Obviously that's a good thing. But then to suspend the Chief Police Officer, Graham Power? As far as I know, he was pretty quiet throughout the investigation, but as Lenny Harper has retired he's left with the fallout.

Surely there's people who should come first when it comes to suspensions. Power is accused of wasting £4 odd million and police time, which would've been better spent pursuing child abusers. That might be valid, but why the release of a couple accused of abuse earlier this year? It wasn't Power that initiated their release.

Power didn't publicy damage or belittle the investigation, intimidate victims, become involved in public spats, have his embarrassing emails leaked, or attempt to smear his (previous) Deputy. It is odd that he is the first major public figure to be suspended. Some might see the Bailiff's 'retirement' as such, but if so, it's just a gentle departure. The very first suspension in this whole sorry mess was Simon Bellwood. He was highlighting something he knew to be wrong. What about the others, that actually did commit criminal acts or illegal procedures?

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Les Dirouilles said...

Deputy de Faye who failed to become a senator in 2002, failed again in 2005 & is about to lose his ample seat as Deputy, today signed a £100,000,000 contract for an incinerator that nobody wants & will kill many Jersey people.

There is absolutely no point in trying to find a reason for anything they do or propose any logical arguments, they just don't care.